Saturday, 22 August 2009

Primary school kitchen towel self-portrait...

This is a self portrait drawn when I
was in Primay 3 aged 7.


Running with a train...

Two of my flatmates saying bye till 2010!

Science of Fear...

love the video

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Recent things from the last year....

photo film slides - from flee market in berlin
lots of tapes in a flee market in berlin
art gallery in berlin
art gallery in berlin
new years day - 2nd year intermedia close installation
tignes at christmas
the pig that me joe and karen-anna made
Pic from a party

Berlin photos taken by Hannah Grace May Miller
due to the fact my camera got stolen when here.

Typographic Street Project.......

My book from end of 2nd year. Didn't like this project very much.

Portfolio....for Vancouver

This is my portfolio that I submitted when applying for exchange for Emily Carr Art and Design University. It's my work mainly from 2nd year at ECA. I go to Vancouver in Sept!!!